As we all know that the world is in transition to mobile computing from desktop pc and laptops. There are almost six billion users around the globe. The mobile phones around us are the combination of hardware and the software. The hardware is the hard part of device and the software are the governor of the hardware. There are different OS for mobile among them I going to pick up three of them. They are android OS, iOS and windows phone OS. Android OS is an open source operating system used use in android mobiles. The iOS is an operating system developed by apple corporation and used in apple products like iPad,iPhone etc. Windows mobile operating system developed by Microsoft itself and embedded by many different mobile companies like Nokia.
The purpose behind picking of these three OS is to find out the popularity of these three in terms of inflexibility. Here the flexibility means how easy people find using mobile devices containing different OS. What is the feature that they love it on these phones. For this I have figure out to collect opinions of people within DWIT premises. The collection of opinions will be arranged using Google sheet (radio buttons type) .The research materials will be websites accompanied with android ,apple and windows. The eBooks on these topics and google news and DWIT itself.
The conclusion more like which one has the easiest interface of the user and how they have proven themselves as the best.The conclusion will be totally based on my research and check whether the conclusion I have drawn has relevant meaning or not.