MODIFIED ABSTRACT( Types of hacking that may leads to recall the world war)

Term Paper Abstract
BY Suman Thapa

   Nowadays Hacking has been one of the common practices made by the computer expert in order to try and find vulnerabilities in a network infrastructure. In this paper I have mentioned three different types of Hacking i.e. White Hat Hacking, Grey Hat Hacking and Black Hat hacking. White Hat Hacking is the practice made by the hackers to dominant the world by their criminal skills. It is used in the profit making purpose. Similarly other type of hacking is Grey Hat Hacking in which he or she is submerged in the world of hacking for non-profitable purpose Grey Hat Hackers can also be known as ethical hackers. Similarly last and most high demanding types of hacking known as Black Hat Hacking is describe in this paper. It is also known as cracker or dark side hacker. In this types of hacking he or she is fully involve in profit making activities by destroying organization network, stealing others valuable data ,documents, hacking bank account and transferring  money to their own and so on. Finally I will go for the research between these 3 types of hacking in some fields like in network organization, industries and  also try to find which type of hacking is most cause for the recall of world war and finally I will get  the main objective of my term paper. Lastly I recommend that hacking is the extra ordinary skill so everyone want to become hacker but please used this skill to destroy the crime but not to commit the crime.