Memorable moment in "Bhola Dai ko "Tea shop

    There is a small tea shop in my locality commonly named as “BHOLA DAI KO PASAL.”When I completed my schooling, I came back to my home town for my further study. When I started to enjoy my college life one of my friends used to take me to that tea shop. When I went there for the first time I saw almost the entire student from different colleges used to get together and enjoy tea and smoke and that was like their daily routine. The shop was little bit isolated from the road and that was a plus point for the shop. Though the shop was not so fancy and well managed still it was famous. Students don’t remember their subject teacher name but they remember BHOLA DAI. Slowly and slowly I also became his regular customer. When I leave from my home to college, I used to do attendance to that shop before doing at school and others also do the same.
   Talking about the shop I heard that he started his shop with only one cooking material with 5/6 cups made of glass. He does not think of such a big achievement. He just wanted to open the shop in a good environment where there will be a crowd. Luck was also in favour of him because numbers of colleges were increased in that locality and number of students used to come there. He had never planned for huge number of customers because that shop was only for eradicating his poverty. Number of customers increased beyond his assumption so; slowly he started planning to manage the customers in such a way that none of the customers feel uncomfortable, so he made a partition of the room one for the breakfast stuff and another for smoking. He also started to add different category of cigarette, breakfast item, etc. He also became famous for “alu chop”. He used to provide some tomato checkups with that “alu chop”. Day by day his shop became so much popular. Many more songs related to “BHOLA DAI KO PASAL.” were evolved.  I also heard that he had already built 3 storage buildings near to his shop. Though he has his own house he stays in his shop and rented his house to others. He can stay without continuing his shop, but he still does it. One of my friends who is very closed to him told me that he will give continuity to his shop just for time pass because he does not want to stay idle in his home and that shop became a part of his life. His lifestyle is still the same as like before.

   This example is purely based on luck phenomenon. He does not want to grow bigger. Only the fact was environment around his locality supported him to grow bigger. As I had already mentioned above he just started his shop to eradicate his poverty without any sort of planning. The goal was only to survive in the locality by doing hard work because he was uneducated and unemployed. He never had thought of SWOT and PEST analysis. There are also many more tea shop in that locality but everyone prefers his shop though his shop is not well managed so called HI-FI type.