As we all know that Cybercrime has been one of the common practices made by the computer expert. In this paper I have mentioned some of the impact of the cybercrime. Cybercrime is that activities made by the people for destroying organization network, stealing others valuable data, documents, hacking bank account and transferring money to their own and so on. My paper gives detailed information regarding cybercrime, its types, modes of cybercrime and security measures including prevention to deal effectively with cybercrime...Finally I will go for the research on  the crime made by the misuse of cybercrime in some of the field and areas like in Financial crimes, Cyber pornography, Online gambling, Intellectual Property crimes, Forgery, Cyber Defamation, Cyber stalking, Email spoofing, Email bombing, Denial of Service attack, Salami attacks, Virus / worm attacks, Web jacking, Data diddling etc. and  also try to find which type of cybercrime is most practice in the world and  finally I will get  the main objective of my term paper. Like this my term paper will be completed.