SWOT and PEST analysis of shopping mall named Nepal Bazar which is located in Biratnagar


SWOT ANALISIS: An analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in the internal environment of the organization is known as SWOT analysis. These factors are under control of the organization.      
There is a shopping mall named Nepal Bazar which is located in Biratnagar. I am well known about this organization. This organization was well settled and strongly adjusted in the environment. SWOT and PEST analysis of this organization is shown in following table.
S (Strengths)
W (Weaknesses)
O (Opportunities)
T (Threats)
1. Good infrastructure
Lack of support from government
Faster market growth than before

Changes in government policies
2. Flexible and responsive to sales
Parking problem
New seats
New competitors
3. High growth
Lack of advance technology
Provide a bonus
Changing market taste
4. Provide discount card
Provide discount cards
5. Available all sorts of goods
6. Proper management


This organization has good infrastructure. Many customers are attracted by the name of this organization itself i.e. Nepal bazaar. There is 24 hours A.C and electricity inside the department. Regular customers are given a discount card and also provide with many gift hampers. Well managed environment is setup inside the department. All sorts of goods are available inside the same roof. Price at the grocery is less than the market price. Branded item directly exports from the foreign countries. The amazing thing about this organization is that in the opening ceremony, rickshaw driver was given a chance to cut the ribbon. This also shows that there is no discrimination between poor and rich. Anyone can be the family of this organization.

To run the organization smoothly there should be support from the government. But this support lacks in this organization. There is an improper management of parking facilities. No improvement has been seen till now. There is also lack of advanced technology and security.
It provides lots of opportunities. Yearly it announces new seats for the proper management and function of the organization. It improves market growth than before. It also provides a bonus to the employee. There was a scheme, i.e. if any customer crosses 10,000 Rs while shopping they were given a discount card. Similarly, at the time of festival many schemes were announced. Some are like Shop for Rs.1000 in grocery and get many products absolutely free. They also announced that in every purchase anyone can get a chance to win a trip to Bangkok and many more.

Threats: Changes in the government policies directly affect this organization. Fluctuation in the tax rate and vat rate has encounter to this organization. Many new competitors are planning to decrease the sales rate of this organization. The market price has been decreased in order to slow down the selling rate of this organization by the competitors.

PEST ANALISIS: An analysis of Political, Economical, Socio-cultural and Technological factors in the external environment of the organization is known as PEST analysis. These factors are not under control of the organization.
P (Political)
E (Economical)
S (Socio-cultural)
T (Technological)
1. Political ideologies
Economic condition
Obeys and fulfil social and cultural norms and value
Fails to access the newest technology
2. Government term and change
Economic system
Sufficient level of technology
3. Wars and conflicts
Price fluctuation
Good internet infrastructure
4. Environmental issues

The political ideologies as democracy, socialism, communism, Maoism, etc. also affect this organization. As we know that every political parties whenever they are in a government tries to implement their ideologies which directly affect the environment. This factor affects a lot to this organization.
The economical condition of this organization is in a good shape. Economical factor is one of the external factors of the environment. It includes different factors like GDP, national income, per capita income, export and import, purchasing capacity, inflation rate, etc. These factors give shape and form to the development of the economic system of the country. Due to the increasing impact of globalization and liberalization this organization economy is gradually shifting towards an open market economy. This also results in price fluctuation in this organization.
This organization is a social unit as it is established within the society by the people, for the people of the society. This organization obeys and fulfils social and cultural norms and value. This organization manages to proper product quality according to the ever changing life standard of the people and also following and maintaining religion and ethnical value.

Technological: The field of technology is very dynamic as there is a continuous up-gradation in the existing product due to various innovations and renovation. This organization is upgrading its existing technologies, including various machineries and equipments, computer technologies, etc. In order to add its strength by producing extra beneficial product and services in terms of quality, uses, etc. This organization has passed to upgrade itself with the change in the technological field.