Role of CEO of the newly start-up company

If I became a CEO of the newly start-up company then I would make following unethical practices for the benefit of the company.
1.         Dumping.
            Dumping means the act performed to crush other organization/companies to destroy the local competition by flooding the market and selling them at a much lower price. By the help of dumping company can be benefited. There is a saying that anything can be achieved only after losing something likewise I will manage to sell products at a lower price in order to enhance productivity and ultimately for future profit. On the other hand other companies lose their market. This unethical practice helps my company to attract customers.

2.         False advertising tactics:
         Nowadays, many more companies/organization is applying the same tactics to uplift their business. This is also one of the unethical acts perform to attract the customers. I will advertise about our, company, products, aim, objectives, etc. This tactic can make my company well known around the society. People will be excited to learn more about us. More number of customers can be increased in a short period of time. Strong relation can be established between customers and the company.

3.         Vacancy announcement tactics:

             In order to run the company smoothly, best employee is required. So for this I will rise up the salary of every particular post from top to bottom in the vacancy announcement. I will increase certain percentage more than the other companies do. Similarly, I will announce different types of bonus schemes for the employee. This tactic can increase number of best employee in my company.