Key to Success............

   No one is born perfect.We all are born to learn.Never judge anyone depending on his/her performance nor his status.These are artificial things gained after coming in this world.We can easily gain lots of success if we try hard until & unless we get them.Don't ever be depressed if you are failed because failure is the key to your success.
Most important things to be remembered to reach your goal or to be successful includes:
Be  confident on yourself.If you don't trust yourself you are very far from your  success.So develop
        your confidence.
Start the day with a smile including positive thoughts. It's much enough for making your day.
Love your work.If you enjoy working, you obviously get success.
Hope for the best.Your positiveness helps your work done partially.
World is big enough but time is limited. So, do try not to waste your time.
Developing personality is the important factor to be successful.Work on it.
Never hesitate adopting new places or new people.You must learn to be comfortable to new things.
Patience is the most important factor needed to be successful.Make it your habit.
Things won't be easy.But never start the new work if the preceeding one is pending.
Never think yourself an inferior.If you can't be best in your eyes, you can't be best in others too.
So,these are some tips which may be used for gaining success.Best of luck for your life ahead.