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My ideatemplate.
I want to develop and I will developed a special type of portable charger which contains multiple functions like it can charge almost all kinds of mobiles, mp3, iPod and other gazette etc., which contain solar device that can charge the battery inside the charger in absence of electricity. The battery inside the charger will have high backup once it has being charged. While charging any items we can choose the specific wire which will suite in charging port and we can replace it later for required ones.
>It needs a battery of smaller in size but having high backup.
>Different charger wire which could suite in charging port.
>Strong housing which can protect the charger.
> Solar device
>Different USB ports
>we can charge our mobile, gazette etc. any time anywhere even though there is absence of electricity.
>we can charge two or more than two cell or mp3 at a time.[if in coming generation world technology companies co-ordinates with one another and make one common port including their own port  then we can utilize our charger to charge many items at a time.]
>it also saves our time, electricity, money, and many more.
>There are other advantages which I have not described because if this is possible and will be made then you can find many advantages yourself. I know that some of my friends will think this’s nonsense so I don’t want to give big talks.