4D Heart imaging
 As we know that MRI has been recognized as a powerful tool for cardiovascular imaging because of its unique potential to measure blood flow cardiac wall motion and tissue properties jointly . However, many cardio vascular MRI in real time or 4D cardiovascular MRI without cardiac and respiratory gating or triggering remains an important technological goal of the MRI cardiovascular research community. By studying some problems new imaging Technology developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin can not only capture the heart in 3D showing blood flow, direction, and velocity, but can also show them relating to a fourth dimension - time. The procedure is fast, and requires no invasive procedures, no contrast agent or general anesthesia and could have significant consequences for patients at risk of cardiac problems.
Besides this I have some innovations I.e This capability should enables simultaneous imaging of cardiac motion, respiratory motion and first pass myocardial perfusion. This in turn allows multiple cardiac assessments including measurement of ejection fraction cardiac  output and myocardial blood flows in single experiment.

I believe that after  this features are included in 4D heart cardiovascular imaging then it can open many applications of cardiovascular imaging and have great significant impact on the field.

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