Red-tailed racers are beautiful green  and tree dwelling snakes.These snakes are amongst the largest of all the rat      snake species.They are named for their green body and red tailed.
They are also known as Red tailed green racers/Rat snakes.Red tailed racer are non venomous but are enough to give a strong bite.
They are highly aggressive and have strong constriction for its size.When stressed,these snake may inflate a big of their neck,making them appear larger in size.these snakes do bite when disturbed.
Red tailed racers come in striking green colour with orange-red tail.the dorsal side of the body is typically shows a deep green colour where as the ventral side is light green.
The top of the head is darker green and there is a vague dark stripe running through the eye.The have thick-set body and the head wider than the body.their snout is long.The tongue of these snakes is blue.They have smaller, smooth scales on their back.They are thin snakes with powerful and rough scales on their belly which is ideal for climbing and moving in the trees.They live and spend their life in the trees and in cavities in tress.They seldom descend to the ground.Females lay between trees and eight eggs on average between september and january.their eggs have hatching time from 13 to 16 weeks.The hatchings are about 18 inches long.
Females can reach a length of almost eight feet,while the male is generally a little bit smaller.Red tails feed almost exclusively on birds.They are renowned raider of bird's nest to eat eggs.They also feed on rats,mice,bats and lizards.
Their average life span is 15 years.